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    5 Responses to “Animation”

    1. naenae says:

      This animation uses a very interesting twist by actually using photos instead of creating something through photoshop use. I like the idea of the changing vases and the use of the same flowers. The composition of the flowers themselves are beautiful, but for some reason i can’t see how this shows the time aspect. Maybe that will be explained in class, but other than that it is a very interesting animation and the only thing i might have fixed it the use of lighting throughout the photos.

    2. lindsayalexahodge says:

      The pictures are beautiful, but I think it moves to fast and this makes it look like there is a lot going on that is hard to catch.

    3. sleepypanda says:

      I’m goign to agree with lindsay and say the only problem i find is that it’s too fast. It doesn’t give you time to analyze or get a real good look at each image. But after looking at it for a while I understood the piece.

      I like how you arranged teh flowers and the whole animations idea is how u can take the same flowers and arrange them differently.

      I have a special attatchment for this piece partially cuz my mom does flower arranging and i have a bunch of these in the house.

      I like it overall, just change the speed to something a bit slower

    4. brettnickley says:

      I like how this takes something that is beautiful and people would like to look at, and speeds it up to a point where it can’t really be enjoyed.

    5. emilia says:

      i love how clear and bright the photos are. i really like it overall – just wish it was a little slower