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    Theoneswelove.org portrays talented and young photgraphers from around the world. They ask the photographers to take six pictures of people that are important to them in an outdoor, natural setting. The goal of the pictures are to display pictures of people that are inspirational and loved by the photographer. Each artist has their has their birthdate, name and website where you can contact the artist. Also, there is a brief explanation of the photographs that are taken and why the person means to much to the photographer. 

    If I had to rank these three websites, one being the best and three being the least favorite, this website would be a two. I really enjoyed being able to see the description then actually getting to see the picture the photographer is describing. I also thought it was fun to see the way in which other people around the world photographed. Styles varied as well as how many people the photographer chose to photographer. Overall, a nice, creative website allowing artists to show their talent on the world wide web.

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