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    From a little scrap of paper on the website, I found out that Matthew Mahon was born on July 12 in Germany. He is the forth child of Irish-Puerto Rican parents. The website is an interactive website with varying picture sizes, drivers licenses and receipts. There is a unique layout of the pictures in a circular design with lines following outward. Also, it looks like he has digitally altered a lot of his art. By clicking on the photograph, the viewer is able to go in and out to view it.

    I found this website somewhat annoying. Maybe because it was a design that I am not accustomed to. I wish I was able to click on something substantial (if that makes sense) where it went to a normal page and I could learn more about the artist. But perhaps, that’s what Mahon is trying to get across. Art is not easy to understand and many people have different perspectives on it. This is my least favorite of the three websites.

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